Hi everybody!

I prepared this site to share the knowledge that I gained during my destination to learn Swift 3 programming language from the scratch.

Who am I?

I am not a software developer or programmer at all! I was not familiar with any programming language and haven't even heard anything about Swift before. And also English is my second language...

The only thing that I know is I wanted to be able to create an iOS application from scratch by myself. This is how I started.

I made several searches on Google to discover how I can create an iPhone or iPad application as a beginner. I read so many articles, success stories, failures, recommendations, etc. All of them were pointing out learning Swift.

Allright. The "only problem" was I don't have any kind of programming experience. That's why I felt miserable and started thinking "How can I learn  such a complex thing like a programming language?"

We humans can learn anything, if we really want to learn. I took this as a motivation for myself and started searching the effective ways of learning Swift 3 programming language.

Due to all these reasons, I decided to write my experiences for the others, especially the ones like me, without previous programming experience. That's how "How to Learn Swift" site born.

Swift 3 Learning Resources That Helped Me

There are some ways to learn anything new. If you are unfamiliar with the topic that you try to learn then you need to follow qualified resources in order not to lose time and effort.

I preferred following a course from an expert to show me step by step from the beginning to realize easily. That's why I checked the Swift courses on Udemy and examined them thoroughly according to the coverage, curriculum, knowledge and experience of instructor and previous students' reviews.

Finally I chose "iOS 10 and Xcode 8 - Complete Swift 3 & Objective-C Course" by Aaron Caines as seen below.


The main reason that I select this course among others is this is the most suitable and step-by-step course for beginners. This was very important for me since I was a complete beginner and most of the other courses' curriculums were for all level. That means those courses would begin as a beginner level then scale up to intermediate and advanced levels after a couple of sections. I was looking for a Swift course focused on to beginners.

I will write the details of the course and my reviews in detail in my next post.

Until then, I recommend you to check Aaron's Complete Swift & Objective-C Course.

best-swift-programming-learning-ebook-for-freeI have also read ebook edition of "The Joy of Swift". Although the book was published before Swift 3 was released, it was still very beneficial for me to understand the basics of coding with Swift.

The better news is you can read this ebook for free with 30-day free trial of Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription. Simply visit the page of "The Joy of Swift" ebook and click Read For Free button. Proceed the steps to register 30-day free trial of Amazon Kindle Unlimited and enjoy the book for free. Please note that if you do not cancel your subscription after 30-day free trial period, you will be charged monthly Kindle Unlimited subscription fee.

30 days are enough to read the book and learn the basics of the Swift for Free 😉

Everyone has different learning habits.

Some like to see step by step tutorials, some prefer to follow trial & error method by themselves and some others mix these two.

I prefer the latter one as well. I would like to see some tutorials first to get some idea and then try something new to challenge with myself.

I did the same while I was first learning Swift. I enrolled to a high-quality course and also follow a book as a reference. I could use multiple ones as well but they were enough for me.

Every new resource shows you different approaches which are really great when it comes to programming.

If you are reading this page, that means most probably you are trying to find the best and most efficient ways to learn Swift, just like me. Due to that reason, I would like to share all my knowledge that I gained during my research on this site.

As I posted the list of best free online Swift learning courses before, this time I am listing the best seller Swift programming language books sold on Amazon below. (I will keep adding new books occasionally)


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Allright, you finally decided to learn Swift programming language. At least you want to try it to see yourself whether you like it.

It may not be a good option for you to pay money for a Swift course and then you see the programming language is not for you. Although all the paid courses have 30-day money back guarantee if you didn't like it, you may want to enroll to a free online Swift course first.

Don't worry!

A bunch of free Swift courses are available.


Worth to mention here that you should not expect to become advanced on Swift with a free course however you can get some fundamentals easily and test some waters.

Here is the list of the best and top-rated free online Swift courses that I prepared for you (and I will keep adding here when I find new valuable free courses): ...continue reading

For me, as a person who didn't have any kind of programming experience, it was a very challenging target to learn Swift programming language (as the first one) to be able to create iOS apps by myself.

How long did it take so far and where am I now?

You know what?

Of course it is not easy but possible. Since I am still not advanced on Swift, I am now able to code for an app idea (not a game) that I was just dreaming in my mind until I started the Swift course that I mentioned on this post. But I only started learning Swift without any programming experience 2 months ago.

Although I haven't finished my app project yet, I see this increment as a huge success! I owe this success to 2 very important points.


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Yes, it is possible. But read this article to the end because it is actually up to your expectations and eagerness to learn Swift programming language...

On YouTube there are several Swift tutorial videos and those are generally not for educational purposes and so not so comprehensive and professional. Moreover, the content of those videos are not following each other like a course.

That's why, you can learn some but there will be missing parts in your mind for sure. That means, you are likely to confuse, lose time and eventually maybe give up learning Swift.

Since it is free, you will not be able get a satisfying answer, if not at all, should you need to ask a question to the owner of the video.

So what to do?

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