Best Seller Swift Programming Language Books On Amazon

Everyone has different learning habits.

Some like to see step by step tutorials, some prefer to follow trial & error method by themselves and some others mix these two.

I prefer the latter one as well. I would like to see some tutorials first to get some idea and then try something new to challenge with myself.

I did the same while I was first learning Swift. I enrolled to a high-quality course and also follow a book as a reference. I could use multiple ones as well but they were enough for me.

Every new resource shows you different approaches which are really great when it comes to programming.

If you are reading this page, that means most probably you are trying to find the best and most efficient ways to learn Swift, just like me. Due to that reason, I would like to share all my knowledge that I gained during my research on this site.

As I posted the list of best free online Swift learning courses before, this time I am listing the best seller Swift programming language books sold on Amazon below. (I will keep adding new books occasionally)


1- Swift Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

swift-programming-the-big-nerd-ranch-bookThis book may be the first one to refer while learning Swift. It is constructed carefully with explanations and examples considering the beginners and non-programmers. And that  really worked since almost all readers rated the book with 5-star review. Instead of just providing knowledge about the programming language, authors shared their insights about Swift to make readers understand the whys and hows behind the scene. This book makes the difficult programming topic into a more approachable one.

2- The Joy of Swift

best-swift-programming-learning-ebook-for-freeThat one is the book that I refer alongside with my Swift course. The reason that I select this one is it is included in Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription which provide you to read this book for free within the 30-day trial period. The author covers not only Swift but also Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Xcode from the beginners level. Great resource for ones who don't know where to start for programming with Swift.

3- Learn iOS 10 in Swift 3

learn-ios-10-in-swift-3-bookThe author, Mark Price, is a very successful iOS application developer and teaching Swift programming language as well as many others. He has also a top rated and best seller online Swift course that over 40,000 students have already taken his course. This book was written not only by him but also his team. Each member of Team Devslopes adds different insights about learning Swift and becoming an iOS developer. Authors are highly confidence that they believe you can have enough skills and knowledge to create you own iOS apps and even you will be able to apply for Jr. iOS development jobs after completing this book.