Everyone has different learning habits.

Some like to see step by step tutorials, some prefer to follow trial & error method by themselves and some others mix these two.

I prefer the latter one as well. I would like to see some tutorials first to get some idea and then try something new to challenge with myself.

I did the same while I was first learning Swift. I enrolled to a high-quality course and also follow a book as a reference. I could use multiple ones as well but they were enough for me.

Every new resource shows you different approaches which are really great when it comes to programming.

If you are reading this page, that means most probably you are trying to find the best and most efficient ways to learn Swift, just like me. Due to that reason, I would like to share all my knowledge that I gained during my research on this site.

As I posted the list of best free online Swift learning courses before, this time I am listing the best seller Swift programming language books sold on Amazon below. (I will keep adding new books occasionally)


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Allright, you finally decided to learn Swift programming language. At least you want to try it to see yourself whether you like it.

It may not be a good option for you to pay money for a Swift course and then you see the programming language is not for you. Although all the paid courses have 30-day money back guarantee if you didn't like it, you may want to enroll to a free online Swift course first.

Don't worry!

A bunch of free Swift courses are available.


Worth to mention here that you should not expect to become advanced on Swift with a free course however you can get some fundamentals easily and test some waters.

Here is the list of the best and top-rated free online Swift courses that I prepared for you (and I will keep adding here when I find new valuable free courses): ...continue reading