Learning Swift As The First Programming Language

For me, as a person who didn't have any kind of programming experience, it was a very challenging target to learn Swift programming language (as the first one) to be able to create iOS apps by myself.

How long did it take so far and where am I now?

You know what?

Of course it is not easy but possible. Since I am still not advanced on Swift, I am now able to code for an app idea (not a game) that I was just dreaming in my mind until I started the Swift course that I mentioned on this post. But I only started learning Swift without any programming experience 2 months ago.

Although I haven't finished my app project yet, I see this increment as a huge success! I owe this success to 2 very important points.


First, being dedicated, determined and ambitious.

Second, learning Swift from trusted sources.

These are my secret sauces for my improvement so far. I know there is a lot of way to go...

That's why whether you go with free online Swift courses or the paid ones, do yourself a favor and enroll one of them to speed up your learning process. You will see it is worth it at the end.