Is Learning Swift Programming Language from YouTube Videos Possible?

Yes, it is possible. But read this article to the end because it is actually up to your expectations and eagerness to learn Swift programming language...

On YouTube there are several Swift tutorial videos and those are generally not for educational purposes and so not so comprehensive and professional. Moreover, the content of those videos are not following each other like a course.

That's why, you can learn some but there will be missing parts in your mind for sure. That means, you are likely to confuse, lose time and eventually maybe give up learning Swift.

Since it is free, you will not be able get a satisfying answer, if not at all, should you need to ask a question to the owner of the video.

So what to do?

Because of all these reasons, (and I was really determined to learn) I didn't follow YouTube videos to learn Swift. Instead I paid some money for this great course considering it as a very valuable investment for my future.


The content is great, high-qualily and even more important they are all prepared for education purposes. The instructor has organized his Swift learning course considering the beginners and even the ones who don't have any programming experience.

The curriculum of the course was prepared with all these considerations and so all the lessons are following each other to ease and improve your understanding.

The other great benefit of the course is there are thousands of students who have already taken this course and they have asked several questions to the instructor. You may have the similar questions while you move forward and thanks to previously asked questions you will have chance to see the answers all in one place conveniently. Of course, you can ask any kind of question to the instructor.

If you don't spend any money but still enroll a course, you can see the list of Free Online Swift Courses. In my opinion, any of them would be a better way of learning Swift than Youtube videos.

Final word: You should not compare learning Swift from YouTube videos and from a high-quality educational course. If you are serious about learning Swift programming language, then you need to make an investment for yourself and enroll to this great course.